Waist Trainer And Shape Wear

Minnie Got Skinnie are a UK based Waist Trainer and Shape Wear brand, Our high quality products are designed and manufactured to assist with weight loss, fitness, posture, general body confidence, special occasions such as proms and weddings, and to give you an instant nip and tuck under your little black dresses!
Minnie Got Skinnie supports the healthy use of a Waist Trainer for enhancing and supporting natural curves while toning muscles, reducing inches, burning fat and general weight loss. Good quality shape wear is as safe as wearing any other type of quality tight fitting clothing. As with all forms of fitness and weight loss, your muscles (which are constantly working while wearing shape wear and part of what makes shape wear effective) do need time to rest and your skin needs time to breathe. waist shaper are designed to be snug but comfortable and when worn safely (up to 8 hours a day).